About Us

We are beginning this journey as two aspiring aviators who realised there are many different paths a student or future pilot can take towards their goals as airline pilots; however, navigating this journey can be challenging and overwhelming. Global Future Aviators will provide an access point and resource for other aspiring aviation professionals to best achieve their goals - this might include things like conferences, tutoring, podcast interviews with industry leaders or internship opportunities.

We’ve been putting a lot of work into making sure our first online event exceeds your expectations, and we’re excited to finally announce some of what’s being scheduled. Global Future Aviators is meant to inspire, to teach and to be enjoyed by audiences across the world. Spread the word and make sure to test all links beforehand to avoid technical difficulties during the event.

Virtual Team Meeting
Aspiring Pilot

Our Mission

Global Future Aviators strives to connect, educate and develop students and young professionals beginning their journey in aviation. We create an environment where students and professionals are aware of Aviation career pathways, the industry’s volatility and how best to position themselves for a successful skyward future.  


  • To make every student pursuing a career in Aviation conscious of all career pathways,  

  • To educate students and professionals about the current industry trends, and 

  • To foster interoperable relationships by connecting students, professionals, and experts.  


Chace Eldridge

Chace is an Aviation graduate from Griffith University and also completed the Qantas Group Pilot Academy program. He is currently involved in flight training and instruction and is actively pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities within aviation as well as a career as an airline pilot.

Chace also enjoys competing in running and cycling events and helps to improve the fitness and health of others as a personal trainer. With a wide variety of interests, hobbies and goals, he is a strong believer in lifelong learning.

Baha'a Fayoumi

Baha’a is a penultimate year student studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Aviation. He has a strong passion for Aviation and military, which has been heightened since arriving in Australia. Baha’a enjoys connecting with students and industry professionals, and an avid believer that knowledge serves no purpose if it’s not shared.

Baha’a spends his spare time running, pursuing mixed martial arts and learning about human psychology. He also appreciates meeting individuals with different perspectives – not the type to turn down a coffee.